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One of the most prominent conservation projects undertaken by Mokolodi is the white rhino-breeding programme. As an animal on the edge of extinction, Mokolodi’s contribution to the protection and recovery of the white rhino population in Botswana and southern Africa was, and is, of particular importance. The project enjoys continued success, and since 1994, eighteen white rhino calves have been born here.

Mokolodi has a wildlife sanctuary that supports sick or injured wildlife, often rescued by members of the public. Our new Reptile Park also serves important conservation and educational roles, and focuses particularly on snakes, vultures and other birds, lizards, tortoises and other reptiles. The Nature Reserve works on occasion with other local conservation NGOs, such as Cheetah Conservation Botswana, Birdlife Botswana and Leopard Ecology & Conservation, focusing on specific activities that enhance the country’s conservation and education efforts.


UNDP (GEF) Conservation Sponsorship – The Reserve has been fortunate to receive a grant from the UNDP (GEF) Small Grant Program, which has allowed the conservation department to focus on erosion and bush encroachment projects throughout the Reserve. The project is aimed at stabilising a number of erosion sites, reduce bush encroachment and to create social upliftment through job creation.

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