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Environmental education is at the core of Mokolodi Nature Reserve’s daily life. Every year more than 9,000 children from schools and orphanages across Botswana visit Mokolodi’s Education Centre to participate in activities and to experience some of Africa’s natural wonders that are increasingly being lost to the modern world. Mokolodi’s education projects depend on grant funding, subsidies from its commercial game viewing and bush experiences, as well as support from the community, local commercial partners and donors.


The Goals of the Mokolodi Education Centre

The Mokolodi Nature Reserve Education Centre was created to provide an opportunity for children to learn about nature, conservation and the environment and to ensure that the young people in Botswana grow up to be good custodians of their natural history, helping to conserve their common heritage for future generations.

Since the Education Centre started it has actively promoted conservation and environmental education within the country. The Centre accommodates between 8,000 and 10, 000 children each year for educational day visits and overnight stays and also provides specially designed camps for orphaned and vulnerable children, including children who live with HIV/AIDS, where they learn about the environment and social welfare issues, as well as receiving support and counselling.

Our aim with the Mokolodi Education Centre is to educate the children of Botswana, so as to better equip them in addressing environmental challenges that may impact on their lives and personal situations. The focus includes general conservation, climate change, water availability and quality and other challenges that countries like Botswana are most vulnerable to. It also aims to educate on issues that integrate environmental, social, and economic parameters, such as sustainable and equitable resource management, human-wildlife conflict and provision of appropriate alternatives to natural resources.


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